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Torrey Carpenter View

Torrey, our general manager, is responsible for sales, marketing, payment processing, underwriting, credit repair and credit advice. Through more than 20 years in the finance and automotive industries, Torrey has cultivated a wide range of skills to help customers achieve their goals. For good advice and straightforward answers to your questions, please feel free to call him at 512-988-8043.

Alphonso Soto View

Say hello (or hola) to Alphonso, our bilingual payment processing manager. With years of experience and a great attitude, Alphonso goes the extra mile for our clients. He keeps an open mind and strives to creatively help each customer. You can reach Alphonso at 512-374-4944, ext.106, or 512-466-4986.

Don Carper View

Don, president of United Auto Group, oversees the dealership's strategy, finance and administration and is actively involved in day-to-day operations. An Austin resident since the 1990s, Don spent many years as a technology executive and investor. He's a straight-up guy who puts the customer first. You can reach him at 512-374-4944, ext.113.

Lily Gutierrez View

Service, sales associate, & title clerk. She has been a part of the company for five years. She brings a great attitude to our team.
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